Sunday, September 1, 2013

Cropped The Day Away :)

So today I attended my very first crop. My friend Carrie went with me. She is a "crop veteran", hehe. Carrie called this crop a cropping marathon as is went from 9am to 7pm and was the longest one she has ever been to.

We had such a great time. It was so nice to get out of the house and get to dedicate time just for crafting. It was nice not to be interrupted and getting the time to finish a project without staying up until 3am while everyone else in the house is sleeping. Crafting time is normally something you take for granted until you have kids. I think back to all the "freedom" I had before we had our daughter; and I think geez that was nice why did I not do more crafting then. Although, in a way  I think it is more fun now because I can appreciate the time when I get it.

The best part of the day though by far was coming home to my Hannah Bean. She was so happy to see me. She smiled really big and ran into my arms while squealing. Who needs "freedom" when you get a welcome like that. Totally worth it! :)

Back to the crop....

I decided to do a mini album using Close To My Heart's new Cricut® Artbooking Collection. I had such a blast playing with it. I think it is my new favorite cartridge. I was a cutting machine. My Cricut was pretty much in use the entire time. It was super easy to use and I can't wait to do my next mini album with it. It also has some great scrapbooking layouts and fantastic elements for cards.

Recently I visited family in Colorado. My parents also went. We had a wonderful trip and I took many pictures. My Mom's birthday is coming up and she has been hounding me about wanting the pictures I took. So I decided I would make the mini album for her birthday. I can't wait to give it to her.

It still needs a little work but the majority of it is done. I'm really happy with the way it turned out. This would have taken me weeks to do on my normal schedule. I enjoyed getting the chance to get it done in one marathon session.

Without further adieu I introduce to you my Colorado Mini Album:

Hopefully I can make it to another crop soon! I think I'm addicted :)