Thursday, June 6, 2013

Forest Diaper Cake

One of my favorite homemade gifts to give are diaper cakes. They are so easy and really fun to make. I like doing completely different themes each time. I've done zoo animal type diaper cakes. I've also done a monster themed one. For this one I did a forest themed diaper cake.

Here are the steps to how I make my diaper cakes:

You will need some diapers, ribbon, some accessories (I used teethers),
a topper (I like to use stuffed animals). Different sized round cake pans and
large rubber bands.
I just happen to have these three cake pans that work really well.
I take the diapers and fan them out like you see above.
Once I fill the entire cake pan, I rubber band them from the outside
and dump the diapers out of the pan.
I repeat the process for each layer. Then I stack them.
I cover the rubber bands with ribbon. I use a hot glue gun to secure the ribbon
being careful not to get any on the diapers. After all you got to be able
to use the diapers.
I use smaller ribbon to secure the layers together. I lay the ribbon
under the bottom layer and then weave it through each ribbon of each layer.
Then I tie it at the top and secure the topper to it. I use 2 pieces.
Then I get to town making fun creations with my Cricut
and my scrapbook paper.
I love doing the paper flowers. They add some dimension
and texture.
Typically I do more all the way around the cake. But I decided
to keep this one simple and just added the teethers to the back.
Then I add a gift tag. I forgot to do it on this one, but I usually
also write what size diaper was used. I like to use size 2
so that they can enjoy the cake for a while. But babies grow fast,
so sooner or later they will get used ;)
The finished gift!
Diaper cakes are a big hit. They also make for some nice decorations for the actual baby shower. Plus they look cute in nursery pictures.

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  1. Nichole you make the cutest diaper cakes! I love the woodland theme, that is such a cute idea. I was so sad to take mine apart but we had to use the diapers before Stone grew out of them! LOL :) I saved all the monsters to put in his baby scrapbook.