Sunday, June 30, 2013

Days 26-30

Here is my catch up post for the "Your Kids 30 Day June Photo Challenge".

Day 26: Silhouette

My two babies. They are best buds. Hannah loves to give Lucy kisses on the nose.

Day 27: Glasses
Hannah really looks like her daddy with his glasses on. She thought it was pretty funny looking through them.

Day 28: Technology
Even an 18 month old understands how to use a smartphone. Not to mention it frustrates them too ;)

Day 29: Silly
Ever since Hannah was a baby she has really enjoyed sitting on her daddy's shoulders. No matter what her mood, put her there and she automatically gets a big smile on her face.
Day 30: Fun
Wow, another 30 days come and gone. Here we are at the Greensboro Grasshopper's Baseball game. Hannah thought Guilford the grasshopper was pretty amazing. She also enjoyed waving to the crowd and clapping for the home team.
Hope you enjoyed these as much as I enjoyed doing them! I'm thinking a July Photo Challenge....

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