Sunday, June 30, 2013

Days 19-25

Here is my catch up post for the "Your Kids 30 Day June Photo Challenge".

Day 19: Black & White

My big girl loves drinking from straws. I love her little hands gripping such a big cup.
Day 20: Eyes
Still holding onto her blue eyes.
Day 21: Reflection
My wish for Hannah is to always see how beautiful she is when she looks into her reflection. Society makes us hate what we see in the mirror. I wish for her to see that she is her own person with her own looks and that she is BEAUTIFUL just the way she is!
Day 22: Father
Daddy likes to give Hannah shop tours. Here they are laughing at the sound of the miter saw. Hannah is going to be Jeremy's little helper in the shop before we know it. I love watching them interact with each other.
Day 23: Wrapped Up
Hannah and Lucy were having a ball with this blanket. Lucy would watch Hannah get all wrapped up in it. Then Hannah would take the blanket and cover Lucy with it.
Day 24: Caught in the Act
Hannah has discovered the joys of climbing to our dismay. It is really cute but it makes me nervous when I see her standing on something from across the room. She thinks its fun and will decide that is also the time she will do no hands. Her stroller is one of her favorite things to climb on.
Day 25: Bubbles
In the Scuteri house we do things right. If you are going to make bubbles then they have got to be big :)
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