Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Days 13-18

 We went away on our daughter's first camping trip this past weekend. It was nice getting away from email, Facebook and the web for a couple days. So here is my catch up post for the "Your Kids 30 Day June Photo Challenge".

Day 14: On the Go
Here we are packing the car for Hannah's first camping trip. Hannah was very interested in all the bags we had. She proceeded to try and empty them as fast as we were trying to pack them in the car.
Day 15: Water
While out and about in Asheville Hannah found this fun water fountain to play in.

Day 16: Sleeping
Hannah did great camping. We would put her to bed in the pack n'play and at some point late at night she would wake up and cry. Jeremy would get her and put her in bed with us and she would go back to sleep. We were not sure if she would get too cold or wake up not knowing where she was. But she did great :)
Day 17: In Disguise
Hannah likes to put on anything she can find. She was really interested in my gloves. I think she's ready to go out on the town :)
 Day 18: Playground
It's a rainy day so going to an actual playground was out of the question. Yet it does not matter because the world is Hannah's playground. Tonight Hannah is reminding us that we have not yet put away all our camping stuff from the weekend. She is dragging as many bags as she can around the house.

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