Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cards For Special Life Events

An update of some cards I have made this year.


One of my husband's coworkers just bought a new house that they had built. So I made this card for their house warming party. There house is beautiful and we were happy to celebrate with them.
A house card with door envelope
A close up of the house. I wish I would have cut out the house so that the yellow chevron
pattern was going horizontal instead. Oh well, I didn't want to waste paper.


For a while it seemed like we were going to lots of weddings. Well now those weddings have turned into baby showers. I love being a part of each life event from marriage to babies. Life is so precious.

A friend that I used to work with is having a baby girl. She was visiting from Colorado so I wanted to give her something easy to travel back with.

I made this cute little diaper for the envelope. I used washi tape to tape it closed.
I love washi tape for cards because it is great to keep reusing to open and secure items.
On the back side of this was a small envelope holding a Target Gift Card.


There must have been something in the water, because another girl I worked with at the same job is also expecting a baby girl. She had a gender reveal party. You were to wear green if you thought the baby is a girl and blue if you think a boy. I obviously thought she was having a girl. Look at all that green. I was right too!
This gift bag had a perfect flap to hold my card. It also just happened
to match really well too.
I liked this patterned paper a lot, so I used it for the card and the envelope.
And how cute is that bear :)
More to come.... Stay tuned :)

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  1. You've been busy! What's with all the baby girls? I love the house card!