Monday, September 3, 2012

Weekend Project Done!

We finally finished our weekend project. It took two weekends, but who is counting? My husband decided he was not happy with the finish so he sanded off the shellac and used General Finishes Arm-R-Seal Urethane Topcoat instead. It came out a lot more smooth and my husband, the perfectionist, was finally somewhat satisfied with it.

The wood sign ready for the vinyl
I had a lot of problems with Cricut Craft Room when I was trying to add the apostrophes, but I finally got them on after having to restart the program numerous times.  It kept freezing up on me, which was really aggravating. Hopefully Provo Craft keeps trying to improve the program because right now it still has a lot of bugs.

I used the 12x24 Cricut Mat and black vinyl.
Finally cutting out my letters and scrolls
Once everything was cut out my husband helped me apply the vinyl to the sign. I almost messed it up by applying the clear contact paper all folded and bubbly on top of the vinyl. My husband was not digging my messy technique, hehe. Glad he was there though to help me do it right.

Here we are applying the clear contact paper over the
vinyl letters still on the mat
Once we got the clear contact paper all the way on, we
carefully peeled it back, extracting the cut out pieces.
We were left with the letters on the contact paper making it
easy to see where to place them on the sign.
We used a Brayer to roll over the cotact paper to get the
vinyl on the wood and make sure that we left no bubbles.
It worked really well!
Here it is all applied.
Last thing we had to do was to remove the
clear contact paper.
Tada, we have a completed sign:)
My husband then attached these to the back
so we could hang it.
We ended up having to add two of them and
a wire so that it hung straight.
Here is the completed sign

Here it is hanging above our back door with the
NOSE ART artist herself.
 I'm really happy with the finished product. It was fun doing it with my husband and combining our hobbies together to make a kick ass project. Plus now I have an excuse to never wash my windows;)

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