Saturday, August 25, 2012

Weekend Mini Project Progress

So far I was successful with enlisting my husband with making my sign. I asked him for a scrap piece of wood and this is what he gave me.

Tiger Striped Curly Maple
 Can you believe this is what he has for scrap wood? I asked for crappy scrap wood because I had envisioned maybe mopodging the whole thing with some scrapbookpaper. Now I can't imagine covering this beautiful piece of wood. He said he doesn't have any crappy wood, haha. What a wood snob.

Here it is after he rounded the corners with his router
Here it is with some shellac for protection and
to help bring out the grain
Now I 'm afraid to do anything to it. It's so pretty. I told my husband we should just hang it as is on the wall as is. Hopefully today I can start using my Cricut to cut out some practice letters to get the right font and size down before cutting my vinyl.

Isn't she beautiful

Well off to chase the baby around first;)

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  1. haha leave it to Jeremy to have fancy "scrap wood" :) It is really pretty though!