Thursday, August 30, 2012

Weekend Mini Project - Not so much...

Well this was supposed to be a weekend mini project (Sign, Progress) but like all things it is taking longer than I first anticipated. First off I recruited my husband to help and he is a perfectionist. So he has been sanding and shellacing and re-sanding and re-shellacing it over and over again to get the perfect finish. I'm cutting him off tomorrow, hehe.

In the mean time my 12x24 Cricut mats arrived along with my 12x24 black vinyl. So I decided I needed to get my act together (and stop blaming only my husband) and create the lettering for the sign. So I opened up Cricut Craft Room (aka CCR) and began laying it out.

First I measured the sign and it is 18.75W x 8.25 H . So I made a rectangle the same size in CCR to use as a template so I know what size I have to work with.
Then I typed out the words and arranged them to look pleasing. I then added some scrolling to the top and bottom for some extra style.

Tomorrow I will make a test cut with scrap paper to make sure it looks good on the actual sign. I want to test the size and placement.  If everything looks good I will cut it out on my vinyl and then apply it to the wood with some clear contact paper (cheap substitute for transfer paper) so I can see where to place it. Hopefully all goes well.

Wish me luck:)

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