Sunday, September 1, 2013

Cropped The Day Away :)

So today I attended my very first crop. My friend Carrie went with me. She is a "crop veteran", hehe. Carrie called this crop a cropping marathon as is went from 9am to 7pm and was the longest one she has ever been to.

We had such a great time. It was so nice to get out of the house and get to dedicate time just for crafting. It was nice not to be interrupted and getting the time to finish a project without staying up until 3am while everyone else in the house is sleeping. Crafting time is normally something you take for granted until you have kids. I think back to all the "freedom" I had before we had our daughter; and I think geez that was nice why did I not do more crafting then. Although, in a way  I think it is more fun now because I can appreciate the time when I get it.

The best part of the day though by far was coming home to my Hannah Bean. She was so happy to see me. She smiled really big and ran into my arms while squealing. Who needs "freedom" when you get a welcome like that. Totally worth it! :)

Back to the crop....

I decided to do a mini album using Close To My Heart's new Cricut® Artbooking Collection. I had such a blast playing with it. I think it is my new favorite cartridge. I was a cutting machine. My Cricut was pretty much in use the entire time. It was super easy to use and I can't wait to do my next mini album with it. It also has some great scrapbooking layouts and fantastic elements for cards.

Recently I visited family in Colorado. My parents also went. We had a wonderful trip and I took many pictures. My Mom's birthday is coming up and she has been hounding me about wanting the pictures I took. So I decided I would make the mini album for her birthday. I can't wait to give it to her.

It still needs a little work but the majority of it is done. I'm really happy with the way it turned out. This would have taken me weeks to do on my normal schedule. I enjoyed getting the chance to get it done in one marathon session.

Without further adieu I introduce to you my Colorado Mini Album:

Hopefully I can make it to another crop soon! I think I'm addicted :)

Friday, August 2, 2013

Half Marathon Training

I've decided to create a separate blog for my Half Marathon training. So if you are interested in sharing my journey please check it out.


Monday, July 29, 2013

Half Marathon Training Begins

This is not my typical crafty post. I've some what lost my mind and have signed up for my first half marathon. Today I embark on my 12 week training program. I am nervous and feel some dread. I have to run 4 miles today and was supposed to do it first thing this morning. It did not happen but I will get it in tonight if not outside then on the treadmill.

I plan to document my journey here. I'm also going to make a mini album of my journey and will share that here as well.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Days 26-30

Here is my catch up post for the "Your Kids 30 Day June Photo Challenge".

Day 26: Silhouette

My two babies. They are best buds. Hannah loves to give Lucy kisses on the nose.

Day 27: Glasses
Hannah really looks like her daddy with his glasses on. She thought it was pretty funny looking through them.

Day 28: Technology
Even an 18 month old understands how to use a smartphone. Not to mention it frustrates them too ;)

Day 29: Silly
Ever since Hannah was a baby she has really enjoyed sitting on her daddy's shoulders. No matter what her mood, put her there and she automatically gets a big smile on her face.
Day 30: Fun
Wow, another 30 days come and gone. Here we are at the Greensboro Grasshopper's Baseball game. Hannah thought Guilford the grasshopper was pretty amazing. She also enjoyed waving to the crowd and clapping for the home team.
Hope you enjoyed these as much as I enjoyed doing them! I'm thinking a July Photo Challenge....

Graduation Card

My niece just graduated High School so here is the card I made her.
She loves dogs and these are her High School Colors
I love to put money in small envelopes. You get to open it like a present :)
The Envelope. I used the same cap stamp on the front over
her name so it looked like the "S" in Samantha was wearing it.
Turned out really cute.

Days 19-25

Here is my catch up post for the "Your Kids 30 Day June Photo Challenge".

Day 19: Black & White

My big girl loves drinking from straws. I love her little hands gripping such a big cup.
Day 20: Eyes
Still holding onto her blue eyes.
Day 21: Reflection
My wish for Hannah is to always see how beautiful she is when she looks into her reflection. Society makes us hate what we see in the mirror. I wish for her to see that she is her own person with her own looks and that she is BEAUTIFUL just the way she is!
Day 22: Father
Daddy likes to give Hannah shop tours. Here they are laughing at the sound of the miter saw. Hannah is going to be Jeremy's little helper in the shop before we know it. I love watching them interact with each other.
Day 23: Wrapped Up
Hannah and Lucy were having a ball with this blanket. Lucy would watch Hannah get all wrapped up in it. Then Hannah would take the blanket and cover Lucy with it.
Day 24: Caught in the Act
Hannah has discovered the joys of climbing to our dismay. It is really cute but it makes me nervous when I see her standing on something from across the room. She thinks its fun and will decide that is also the time she will do no hands. Her stroller is one of her favorite things to climb on.
Day 25: Bubbles
In the Scuteri house we do things right. If you are going to make bubbles then they have got to be big :)
Until Tomorrow....

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Days 13-18

 We went away on our daughter's first camping trip this past weekend. It was nice getting away from email, Facebook and the web for a couple days. So here is my catch up post for the "Your Kids 30 Day June Photo Challenge".

Day 14: On the Go
Here we are packing the car for Hannah's first camping trip. Hannah was very interested in all the bags we had. She proceeded to try and empty them as fast as we were trying to pack them in the car.
Day 15: Water
While out and about in Asheville Hannah found this fun water fountain to play in.

Day 16: Sleeping
Hannah did great camping. We would put her to bed in the pack n'play and at some point late at night she would wake up and cry. Jeremy would get her and put her in bed with us and she would go back to sleep. We were not sure if she would get too cold or wake up not knowing where she was. But she did great :)
Day 17: In Disguise
Hannah likes to put on anything she can find. She was really interested in my gloves. I think she's ready to go out on the town :)
 Day 18: Playground
It's a rainy day so going to an actual playground was out of the question. Yet it does not matter because the world is Hannah's playground. Tonight Hannah is reminding us that we have not yet put away all our camping stuff from the weekend. She is dragging as many bags as she can around the house.